What Is Mouse And Types Of Mouse

What Is Mouse In this article, we will tell you the people about the mouse, what the mouse is, what are the parts of the mouse and what are the functions of the mouse, so let’s start without losing time, friends. First of all, let us talk about what a mouse is.

What Is Mouse
What Is Mouse

What is mouse

Mouse is an input device that controls the pointer or Cursor of the computer’s screen, through this pointer, we use File Folder and all other items inside the computer to open and close and take information from one place to another.

Because of doing all these things, it is also called a Pointing device. Any computer user can use it to instruct the computer what to work, in this way it acts like an inter face between the user and the computer. You can go to every part of the computer with its help.

Mouse Parts

  • Button
  • The wheel
  • Ball, LED or Lesar
  • Circuit board
  • Cable or wire lace receiver

Button Key

The first part of the mouse is its button, every mouse has at least 2 buttons, one left and one right, with the help of which we give input to the computer.

Wheel wheel

The second part of the mouse is the veal. Today the desktop mouse has a veal, which we can easily scroll up or down in any window or page in the computer.

Ball, LED or Lesar

Ball, LED or Lesar is the third part of the mouse, ball or roller is used in its different types, which is also known by the name of the mouse as normal, the kind of laser or LED is used in the mouse.

They are known as obtical mouse, because of these rollers and LEDs, it helps us to track the mouse pointer.

Circuit Board

The fourth part of the mouse is the circuit board, the circuit board is inside the mouse. Clicks made by the mouse are a circuit board to input the information of its activity into the computer which is made using the ingrated circuit.

Cable or wire Lace Receiver

Wire is provided in the mouse to connect to the computer. Nowadays most of the mouse has a USB port for cable connectivity. If you use a wire less mouse, then you need a wire lace port.

There are 5 Types of Mouse

  • Mechanical mouse
  • Optical mouse
  • Wire lace mouse
  • Track ball mouse
  • Style mouse

Mechanical mouse

Mechanical Mouse was invented in 1972 by Billing Lace. Mechanical Mouse used a ball for instruction, so we also call it a ball mouse. This ball could be rotated left, right, up, dawn.

Optical Mouse

The optical mouse works on LED and DSPT digital signal processing technology. There is no ball in this mouse. Instead of this, a small bulb is placed in this place, so the pointer of our computer is stirred when the mouse is moved.

And through the buttons in it, we give instructions to the computer. Nowadays a similar mouse is used, these are connected to the computer by a wire which also supplies electricity. Optical mouse is very easy to use.

Wire lace Mouse

Wire Lace Mouse Wireless mouse is also called a cordless mouse. It is also known as a cordless mouse. This mouse is based on radio frequency ie RF Technique but its design is like optical mouse, so a transmitter and receiver can be used to use it. Types of Mouse

The transmitter is made in the mouse itself and the receiver is installed separately in the computer. To run this mouse, a battery is required, so we have to buy a small battery separately.

Track Ball Mouse

The design of this mouse is also similar to that of an optical mouse, but to control it, a track ball is used to control the computer, the user has to rotate the ball with his thumb, this mouse does not give us much control. And it also takes a long time to run.

Style Mouse

This type of mouse is also called a Gistik mouse because Gordon Stowot was invented by Gordon Stowot, so G in Gordon means Gordon.

This mouse looks like a pen, which also has a wheel, it is mostly used in touch screen devices such as touch screen leptop, this mouse is used in them.

What are the functions of the mouse

Friends, when we connect the mouse to the computer, there is an LED on the bottom side of the mouse, which we also call laser like we move the mouse from one place to another.

So a Cursor that appears (>) in the computer screen is the move, we can move it anywhere on the computer screen with the help of a mouse and open any file.

There are mainly 5 functions of the mouse
  • Pointing
  • slecting
  • Clicking
  • Drag and drop
  • Scrolling

The file that you have to open has to be clicked on the file twice by moving the Cursor and the file or Folder opens in your computer screen.

Computer Mouse Use

Another function is of the mouse, such as if you have to move a Folder from one place to another, then we go to that Folder and place the Pointer of the mouse and click on it.

And without leaving that clicked button, move the mouse from one place to another, then you will see that the Folder or File has moved from one place to another place and then you have to place the file.

If you leave your mouse button at that place, then you will see that the file has reached from one place to another, then you have seen how much you have to use the mouse.

What is Mouse Friends, in today’s article, you have learned how you can use a mouse, as well as how many types of mouse are there, all types of Mouse are given complete information in this post, Types Of mouse

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