What is MS Word ? MS Word Kya Hai

MS Word is an application software, through which you can create resumes, letters, faxes, invoices, business cards, forms, calendar mail merge letters etc. MS Word is also known as a word processing software.
Extension name of the M S word is .DOCX. The extension name of any software is the identity of the software. M Word is a part of the package of Office.

What is MS Word
What is MS Word

How to open ms word

Do the following to open M S Word.
You have to click on the Start menu present on the task bar. Then click on All Programs option. After that click on M S Office option, then click on M S Word from it, now the window of M S Word will open.
From the second method of opening MS Word, you can open it easily. For this, you should do the following. You have to click on the Start menu present on the task bar.

After that the search box will appear, type ms word in it and press the Enter key button. Your MS Word window will open.
Which is shown below.

Click Start button > All Program >MS Office > select MS Word

Title Bar

Microsoft Word has a thin bar at the top of the window with the Right Side (Min Side, Maximize / Restore, and Close buttons) and the Quick Access toolbar on the left side. The title bar displays the name of the document currently open. If your documents are unnamed, then Document1 is already written in the title bar.

Quick Access Toolbar

This button is a part of the title bar which is in the left side of the title bar. This button already has undo, redo and save command buttons, you can customize it according to your wish.

Close, Maximize/ Restore,Minimize Button

All three buttons are found in the right side of the title bar. The close button is used to close the MS Word window. And the maximize button is used to make the word window as big as the full screen. When the window remains in the maximize mode using the restore button, the window becomes the same as before when restoring. And using the Minimize button, the word window gets minimized, ie, it goes into the task bar.

Tab Button

The tab button is just below the title bar MS Word has home, insert, page layout, reference, mailings, review, view tabs, in addition contextual tabs are also found. Contextual tab is displayed when you put an object in documents Let’s insert the contextual tab. Format is the Design tab.


The ribbon is only part of the tab button. This ribbon contains the command button. This command button works only in MS Word. For example cut, Copy, Paste, Bold, Italic, Underline etc. These are called commands.


A ruler is found below the ribbon to set a page such as page margins, tabs, paragraphs, etc. In ms word, two rulers are found, one is horizontal and another is vertical.

Scroll Bar

Two scroll bars are found in the MS Word window. One is Horizontal and the other is to move the page left-right from the vertical horizontal scroll bar. And the vertical scroll bar is used to up-down the page.

Status Bar

There is a bar at the bottom of the MS Word window on which the page number, section number, line number, recording etc. are shown. And there is a view button in the status bar itself so that you can view the documents page in different view (Print Layout, Full screen reading, web layout, outline, draft) and in its right side there is a zoom slider which allows the page to zoom. Can zoom in and out.

Help Button

In the MS Word window, a question mark is found just below the close button. Clicking on it will open a help window. From the help window, you can take some information related to MS Word offline and online.

Home Tab in MS Word 

The Home tab button of MS Word is used in documents to perform formatting related tasks. To activate this button, click on that button with the mouse or press ALT H from the keyboard.
The Home tab is divided into several groups, each group containing a task-related command. You can use this command / button by clicking with the mouse. Below we have given detailed information about each group of Home tab.

There are 5 (five) groups in the Home tab of MS word. Those who have Clipboard, Font, Paragraph, Style and Editing respectively can see the Home tab below. Now you are familiar with each group in the Home tab. Now let us know the work of each group.


The Clipboard group contains the cut, copy, paste, paste spacial, paste as hyperlink commands.
The command cut and copy is used to select or cut a text, object or any kind of items. And the paste command is used to paste cut, copy done by the cut and copy commands.

You can paste cut and copied items based on different condition by the paste spacial command. By clicking on the paste special command, a window will open, you can choose from which you can paste the way you want to paste.
You can use the paste as hyperlink command through this command if you want to attach another file to your current documents page. After attaching the file where the file is attached, moving the mouse pointer on it and clicking with the keyboard’s ALT opens that file.


You do the formatting of the text written in your documents page through the commands available in the font group. In this, you have the command font family, font size, font style, bold, Italic, underline, font color, font highlight, etc.


This group contains commands related to setting paragraphs. Under this, Bullet, Numbering, list, increase indents, decrease indents, sorting, paragraph show, alignments, line spacing, shading, table border, are the commands.


In this group, text written in the documents page can be applied differently. This group has some bani-created document style. They can already set font, font size, font color, heading, subheading, title, subtitle etc.


There are three commands under the edit group.
Find Command -K is used to find a character in the text written in the document page of the word. You can find it very easily.

Insert Tab in M.S Word

Use Insert tab to insert page (Picture, Table, Word Art, Clip Art, Smart Art, Hyperlink, Bookmark, Text Box, Date and Time, Symbols, Equation etc.) in your document file. is done.

Page Group: –
Under pages group, cover page, blank page page-break break command are

cover page: –
When using this command to create a cover page in a document file, you can insert a cover page through this command. Many cover pages appear in its templates. If you want to select a cover page, then you design your page. Can do

Blank Page: –
By this command, you can insert 1 Blank Page in your document file.

Page Break: –
Page break command: By this command, where your document is in your document page, from there, you create a page break ie a new page.

Table: –
You can insert a table into your document file only by grouping the table group. You can draw the table as you like and design the table, you can formatting the table from here. Friends, when you draw a table or create a table, the Design, layout, contextual tab appears under the tab button. You can customize the table by design and layout.

Design tab
The Friends Design tab is divided into three groups. The first group is the table style option, the second table style is the third draw table. Friends, there are some commands under these three groups, through which you can make your favorite table Can design

Row and Column: –
From the row and column of the Friends Layout tab, under which Delete, insert above, Insert Below, Insert Left, Insert Right commands, you can delete any stoppage in the table by these commands. Left, right can insert new pen row and delete.

Merge: –
The third group of the Friends Layout tab is merge, three commands are available under this Merge cells split cells, split table, merge cells command, you can merge two or more cells, that is, merge them together to form a single cell. Can. With the split command, you can divide the cell of the table i.e. an XL into several parts. The next command is the split table by which you can divide a table into two or more parts like you have divided a cell by split cells.

Cell Size: –
Friends, the next group is the cell size by which you can set a cell’s height and width according to your wish to keep the width and length of that cell.
Alignment: –
Friends, the next group is Alignment. By this group, you want to put the text written in the table in which part of the cell, that is, in the top of the cell, that is, up and down right left as you set your test right left up down by the alignment command The beans are similarly placed under the cell in the table.

Picture: –
With the picture command, you can insert a picture in the memory of the computer in your document page, that is, a photo or image, that is, you can bring that picture to the page of your document, then formatting that picture as you wish. You can format all these tasks by formatting contextual tab. Full format type information has already been given. You can read above if you want.

Friends, using this command, you want to create the content of Heading, Footnote, Endnote, Equation, figure, Table, created in your document file. It means that if you look at a book, the entire detail of the text that is written inside the book is given on the first or second page with the page number. From there, you see your lesson and go straight to that page. You Head in MS Word

Friends, the footer is also used in the same way the header is used, but the header is above each page and footer is at the bottom of each page, the only difference.

Friends, use this command, if you want to insert any symbol in the page of your document, then click on this command and a symbol window will open in front of you which contains all the types of symbols that you can select in the page of your document. Want to bring it and click on the Insert button comes to the place of your document where your cancer is.

Layout in MS Word

The layout tab can work related to the layout of the table inserted in the document. Friends, the layout tab is divided into 6 groups. Table, Row and Column Merge Cell Size respectively. Size is Alignment Data.

Table: –
Three commands are available under the table group First select command, under which the cell of the inserted table can select the column row. Friends, you can easily select any row column or cell as you wish with the mouse, that is, Can choose

Row and Column: –
From the row and column of the Friends Layout tab, under which Delete, insert above, Insert Below, Insert Left, Insert Right commands, you can delete any stoppage in the table by these commands. Left, right can insert new pen row and delete.

Cell Size: –
Friends, the next group is the cell size by which you can set a cell’s height and width according to your wish to keep the width and length of that cell.

Data: –
As you know, the last group data of the Friends Layout tab is under which short, Repeat Header Row, convert to text formula command.

Formula: –
The next command and the last command is the formula. By this command you can add and subtract the numbers typed in the table. Multiplication part ie economical calculation. For this you need to have knowledge of the formula. People who understand MS axles very easily This work can be done by friends. Full details of the layout tab are given above.

Reference tab in MS Word 

table of contents
Friends table of contents group contains table of contents, add text, update table command by which you can create a clickable table of heading created in the document page on which you move mouse pointer then change mouse pointer in handloom symbol It will be done and if you click on that HEADING with CTRL, then you will reach that heading directly. And if any new heading has been created in the document by add text and update table then it will be up in the previously created heading table

Footnote Group
The insert footnote group consists of footnotes and in the note options that you can insert into each page of your document, if you wish, footnote and EndNote.

table of authorities
Under the friends table of authorities, the mark citation, insert table of authorities command sleep, by this you can create a table by marking the matter written in the page of your document.

View tab in MS Word

Friends tab in MS Word is used to view document pages in different ways and to show and hide different tools Friends MS word view tab is divided into 5 groups which are Document view, Show / hide respectively. , Zoom, window, macro

Document view
A wide variety of commands are found in the Friends MS Word view tab which is given below
Print layout, Full screen reading, web layout, outline, draft.

Web layout
Web Layout friends In this layout, the document page appears when you open a website like a web page, in the same way, sending documents of MS Word starts appearing if we want to view our page as a web page then in web layout mode can see

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